Karaoke loving couple – video about to go live!

So we’re about ready to put out our next video. This is a fun one featuring upbeat couple Helen and Graeme who met at karaoke. As a taster, here are the lyrics of the song:

Our wedding day

We met at the local karaoke night

And he said he fancied my blonde mate

But as time went on it felt so right

And one day he asked me on our first date

I couldn’t wait until every Thursday night came

Cos I would see him singing on the karaoke stage

We’d send messages back and forth on Facebook

And very soon I knew that he had got me hooked

Falling in love didn’t take that long

He showed me pictures of his cat, Bob

Dinner at Pitch’s and we knew that was it

It was special, it was fun, it was the perfect fit

It’s time to celebrate our love

Gonna drink, gonna dance, gonna party all the way

Thank you!  We love you very much

So glad to have you here on our wedding day!!

So Graeme and Helen say

So glad to have you here on our wedding day

I won’t forget the day that Graeme popped the question

Cos we were sitting in the Druid Arms in Maidstone

He set it up so the band asked him to sing

And then he pulled out my engagement ring!

We bought a house and we were terrified

Cos I’m so messy while he loves neat piles

And though our home is a real do-upper

All my dreams have come true I’ve found the perfect lover

So it’s time to celebrate our love

Gonna drink, gonna dance, gonna party all the way

Thank you!  We love you very much

So glad to have you here on our wedding day!!


So here we are a few months later with songs written and produced. A staff writer in place. Session musicians hired and music producers hard at work. An intern flying in from the USA to work with us for the next three months.

Our video editor has pored over images and carefully matched them up with the song lyrics to tell these love stories in the most touching way.

Now we need you, the bridal community, to help us craft Blockbuster Bride into a company that serves you in the best way we can. Over the next month we’ll be reaching out to brides, grooms, bloggers, photographers, wedding planners, and suppliers. We’d love your feedback on the concept and on how we can make it better.

We want you to laugh and cry as you watch your video. It’s your very own blockbuster with you in the starring role. We’d love it to be so compelling that you can’t wait to share it with wedding guests, friends and family.

And if YouTube still exists when you’re old and grey, it would make us *really* happy to hear you were still playing it from time to time. And of course singing along to the chorus with your children and grandchildren.

And if YouTube should go down the tubes? Don’t worry, we give you your very own hard copy too!!

Water loving couple Zig and Kate

We also had a second couple, Ziggy and Kate, married for about a year, with a great story about their love for swimming and travelling the world. They actually got engaged underwater on a diving trip and had photos and video footage of the moment Kate said ‘yes’. In fact, she ‘ticked’ yes on a white board!

I’m a useless swimmer. I managed to get my 25 metres certificate when I was eight and I don’t think I’ve ever swum further since. So I was suitably impressed by stories of Kate swimming in the Commonwealth Games and Ziggy diving regularly in search of Devon lobster and scallops.

Ziggy was really keen to give the video to his wife to tell her how much he loves her and to celebrate the arrival of their first nipper, Eleanor, so the title ‘Water Baby’ seemed perfect.

Karaoke and Dressing Up – our first couple

And that’s how Blockbuster Bride was born.

We tell stories about couples. True stories that are fascinating, touching and in some cases cute and funny. Stories that the couple and their family can watch and listen to again and again. They can see themselves as the stars of the show, sing along to the verses and choruses and relive the magic of falling in love over and over.

So, we needed couples!

First up were Helen and Graeme. Karaoke lovers who adore fancy dress.
Graeme had proposed on stage while he was singing with a local band. They weren’t married yet but we were going use some of the pics they’d taken, write their song and have them project the video to their guests at the wedding reception.

We interviewed Helen and asked what kind of music she liked. She surprised us by saying she wanted something fun, upbeat and dancey. The bride knows best! So we crafted her words into an uptempo 90s tribute designed to thank friends and family for being there on the big day.

“Our Wedding Day” is the complete opposite of a slushy romantic ballad. Not quite what I’d expected to write for our first commission but great fun with a healthy dash of cheese thrown in for good measure.