So here we are a few months later with songs written and produced. A staff writer in place. Session musicians hired and music producers hard at work. An intern flying in from the USA to work with us for the next three months.

Our video editor has pored over images and carefully matched them up with the song lyrics to tell these love stories in the most touching way.

Now we need you, the bridal community, to help us craft Blockbuster Bride into a company that serves you in the best way we can. Over the next month we’ll be reaching out to brides, grooms, bloggers, photographers, wedding planners, and suppliers. We’d love your feedback on the concept and on how we can make it better.

We want you to laugh and cry as you watch your video. It’s your very own blockbuster with you in the starring role. We’d love it to be so compelling that you can’t wait to share it with wedding guests, friends and family.

And if YouTube still exists when you’re old and grey, it would make us *really* happy to hear you were still playing it from time to time. And of course singing along to the chorus with your children and grandchildren.

And if YouTube should go down the tubes? Don’t worry, we give you your very own hard copy too!!

The nosy wedding singer

Well, how do I blog today about an idea that started to take shape a few months ago?

I sing at quite a few weddings (about 20 per year). Sometimes I’d be asked to perform the first dance. Other times the DJ would play it. And on a few occasions there was no first dance at all.

Whichever the situation, I’d always be fascinated by the choice…what was it about that couple that made them choose that particular song?

As I’d set my gear up and prepare to sing I’d also wonder about how the bride and groom got together. After all, it’s our stories that make us unique. Had they known each other for years? Did they meet at work? What were their hobbies? What attracted them to each other? Were they serious or fun loving? Who was the boss – the bride or the groom? 

Questions, questions, questions!

I also saw first hand how careful the couples were when selecting the music for their wedding day celebrations – the DJs, performers, the playlist itself.

And then I wondered how we could combine the love story, the music and the wedding day in a way that was unique to each and every couple? And in a format that was sharable with friends and family at the wedding, on social media and via email. Hmmmm…..