These Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Will Have you Rethinking Your Registry

These days many couples live together well before their wedding dates. For the couple, it makes coming up with a registry list much more intensive and for the wedding guest, this makes buying wedding gifts a little harder – the couple will most likely have all those basic pots and pans that a traditional wedding registry is designed to help provide. That´s why many modern registries act more like a collective envelope where the couple can gather the guests´ monetary “gifts,” rather than physical items. With these types of registries, married-couples-to-be can opt to direct the cash they receive towards things that would be more useful to the couple in this day and age. Sites like Zankyou help these couples find alternative ways to invest the money that their guests give them – think of it like crowd funding tailored to personally fit you. Here are five suggestions that will make you rethink a traditional registry.

1. Dream Honeymoon

Have you been dreaming about some escaping to some exotic locale for your honeymoon, but can´t afford to after all the wedding costs? Well, with cash gift list services like Zankyou, your guests can fund that dream honeymoon! If you feel uncomfortable to put the whole honeymoon on your registry, customize it to include smaller details: a romantic meal in Paris, a visit to Disney World or a snorkeling trip in the Great Barrier Reef. You can also list different stages of a world tour and allow your guests to fund your exploration of Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa. The world is your oyster!

Jorge+Nazareth of Gavila FotografiaJorge-Nazareth-of-Gavila-Fotografia.jpg

2. Dream Car

Often the bride and groom exit the church under a shower of rice and petals, lovingly kiss their friends and family farewell and then hop into a beautiful car tagged “Just Married” and drive off with a trail of cans dragging behind. The gorgeous cars are usually rented, but what if you could drive away in your dream set of wheels completely funded by the guests who just showered you with rice and confetti? Beats those monogrammed guest toilette towels, don´t you think?

KT Merry PhotographyKT-Merry-Photography.jpg

3. Home Improvements

A home is never finished – there´s always some type of improvement that nags at our conscience. The couch has seen better days, the TV could always be bigger or perhaps you’ve always wanted a home theater, maybe your kitchen needs to be updated, or your house re-painted, the yard would look so much better with a gazebo or just some landscaping – and the list goes on. You may not need an extra Panini grill, but cash contributions from your guests that will allow you to shape up your home exactly as you want are a great modern twist on the traditional wedding registry.

Dottie PhotographyDottie Photography

4. Future Planning

Is your future burdened by a student loan or a mortgage hanging over your head? It’s hard to look forward when you feel as though you’re already financially chained, but there’s where your guests can help you, too! A cash gift can help relieve some of that burden and get you closer to financial freedom. If you’re looking to the future perhaps you’re hoping to save a little extra money to help with the down payment on a dream home, or to help secure a college fund for your future children. Whatever it may be, we guarantee your guests will feel all the more happy knowing they’ve given you a gift that keeps giving.

5. Give Back

Who doesn´t like receiving gifts? Gifts are awesome. It´s very easy to get carried away with receiving them, especially when you´re getting exactly what you want; however, do you really need them? Opt for another wonderful option and pay it forward and offer guests the option to donate to a charity of your choice and to give to those who are truly in need.

What do you think of these unique ideas from Zankyou for your own registry?

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