Excel Wedding Show

Afternoon at the Excel Wedding Show

This afternoon I popped over to the Excel Wedding Show with a good friend of mine. Unfortunately the DLR wasn’t working so we had to drive. I’d have tried to get over there earlier but I’d had a gig last night, singing support for platinum selling artist, X-Factor runner up and Eurovision singer Andy Abraham (who was absolutely lovely!) and then was up at bright and early to watch the Australian Open final.

Once we made it to Excel it was a fun afternoon full of conversations with suppliers. Then during the latter part of our day Cris (spelled the Spanish way) and I sat and enjoyed the fashion show. It was quite an eye opener comparing notes on the various dresses. Hmmm, we both liked vintage but not the one with the feathered skirt…the blush coloured gown was a unanimous hit etc etc. Well done to the models for their super-quick changes and to the various wedding dress stores for their striking gowns.

I also got to chat with some great wedding video companies who were keen to speak with us some more about using our bespoke songs for their work. Fabulous!!

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