Kate and Zig get engaged

Water loving couple Zig and Kate

We also had a second couple, Ziggy and Kate, married for about a year, with a great story about their love for swimming and travelling the world. They actually got engaged underwater on a diving trip and had photos and video footage of the moment Kate said ‘yes’. In fact, she ‘ticked’ yes on a white board!

I’m a useless swimmer. I managed to get my 25 metres certificate when I was eight and I don’t think I’ve ever swum further since. So I was suitably impressed by stories of Kate swimming in the Commonwealth Games and Ziggy diving regularly in search of Devon lobster and scallops.

Ziggy was really keen to give the video to his wife to tell her how much he loves her and to celebrate the arrival of their first nipper, Eleanor, so the title ‘Water Baby’ seemed perfect.

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