Helen and Graeme in Fancy Dress

Karaoke and Dressing Up – our first couple

And that’s how Blockbuster Bride was born.

We tell stories about couples. True stories that are fascinating, touching and in some cases cute and funny. Stories that the couple and their family can watch and listen to again and again. They can see themselves as the stars of the show, sing along to the verses and choruses and relive the magic of falling in love over and over.

So, we needed couples!

First up were Helen and Graeme. Karaoke lovers who adore fancy dress.
Graeme had proposed on stage while he was singing with a local band. They weren’t married yet but we were going use some of the pics they’d taken, write their song and have them project the video to their guests at the wedding reception.

We interviewed Helen and asked what kind of music she liked. She surprised us by saying she wanted something fun, upbeat and dancey. The bride knows best! So we crafted her words into an uptempo 90s tribute designed to thank friends and family for being there on the big day.

“Our Wedding Day” is the complete opposite of a slushy romantic ballad. Not quite what I’d expected to write for our first commission but great fun with a healthy dash of cheese thrown in for good measure.

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