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You and your partner are unique and have a very special story to tell…

The story of how you met and fell in love. The amazing experiences you shared before the marriage proposal. Your engagement. And of course your wedding day and beyond.

Here at Blockbuster Bride we create video slideshows with specially written music that tell your love story.  These are great for sharing on social media or showing at your wedding reception. They sweep the viewer into your unique story and get them involved in a way that off-the-shelf music could never do.

A romantic ballad and video slideshow about your love for each other

A lovely song about how you met and fell in love, set to your amazing wedding photos, with lyrics so personal that no-one can doubt it was written just for you! Photography by www.neverlandphotography.com

A video slideshow telling the story of your wedding day

Your wedding day summed up in your own words and with specially composed music. A great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary or to send to guests right after your big day. This one uses professional photos from www.neverlandphotography.com

The story of how you met, engagement, wedding and beyond

Great for gifts or for celebrating anniversaries. And a wonderful way to mark a special occasion such as the birth of a child. A lovely memento of your time together. This one uses a mixture of the couple’s self-taken pictures along with some professionally taken photos.

A luxury slideshow and bespoke song that tell your story

When your images are matched up with the right song it’s a powerful combination that can leave you, your family and your friends blown away. You can even wait and use your honeymoon pictures, including friends and family in the trip of a lifetime.

We are not photographers nor videographers, although of course we can recommend many excellent ones. We collect your very own images – whether taken by you or by a professional – and combine them with an original song to tell your story in a whole new way. We bring your photos to life with animation and while you watch you’ll hear words and music that take your experience to a whole new level.

We’d love to work with you to make your wedding extra special.  Our work is completely bespoke and tailored to your needs. Whether you have a specific request or general feedback just fire away and email us at hello@blockbusterbride.com or via the contact form.

Or take a look at the stories and let us know your thoughts. We’re keen to hear from you and love to make new friends on Twitter and Facebook.

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